Obama’s Feckless Foreign Policy or The Trojan Horse of Islamic Terror

All over the world, in so many countries, there are Anti-Israel rallies going on right now. Calls for the death to Israel and such anti-Semitic anti-Jewish propaganda as blood libel are everywhere. It’s starting to smell a lot like Munich 1938.

Israel, formerly America’s #1 ally in a world full of racist hate and terrorism is now set up and alone, surrounded by terrorist groups funded and armed by the Obama Administration, by choice or by bad policy. Our foreign policy, if we really even have one at all, is unfocused, drifting, vague and the world sees it, our enemies see it. And guess what people, we have enemies that want us destroyed in every way and say it every day. Just like the terrorism against Israel.

An example of this ridiculous miss directed foreign policy is in the Ukraine Conflict we stand against Russia, calling them out for aiding the shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner but in the Syrian-Iraqi Conflict the US has worked with Russia, for and against Assad’s government, for and against the people be-heading Syrian soldiers.

How much more confusing can America be to the world, our allies and our enemies. We have become just another seat at the EU, another inept seat at the UN (which should be moved next to The Hague and outta here). The team of Obama, Kerry, (Hillary helped a lot) John Brennan, a Muslim,  Chuck Hagel, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Samantha Powers are constantly speaking in conflict with each other and the world knows we do not have the vision, the common goals for America’s role and stature.

Look how we are handling our own border crisis in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. We are acting like we have no borders, with the Democrats inviting everyone in, with our President going on Univision TV and telling the world to come get some Obamacare! As if National Sovereignty doesn’t exist anymore in America. It’s no wonder that Israel’s Sovereignty and strong defense of it’s borders and citizens is called and treated as apartheid by the UN, the EU and John Kerry.

This sad miss guided crew needs to be removed from office as soon as possible before we sink any further into a world war that we are setting ourselves up to lose.


The Jewboy Journal   7-20-2014   B. Irving Feldman


One comment

  1. Kerri Feldman (@kerri59)

    Yes, and we just shot down funding for the Iron Dome that was attached to a border bill. Knowing Repub. would not vote the border bill through Israel is being left out to hang alone in the fight against terror.

    I am sickened over what America stands for today. We fund terrorists and treat our allies like garbage.

    There is such a solemn vibe going around. I think everybody in America knows the winds are changing and not in a good way.


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